Welcome to my blog.  I was inspired by another nurse’s site “Adventures of a Labor Nurse” here at worldpress.com.  I thought that her blog was so inspiring and insightful that I would give it a whirl.  I have always thought that nurses have such great stories to tell.  There are some fascinating books that I have read that were written by nurses, so I said, why not?

Many people feel that hospice nursing is depressing or sad.  I guess it can be, if you let it.  I work with an amazing bunch of people who are very uplifting by nature.  Our goal is to make people comfortable, and with that idea in mind we comfort eachother.  Yes, we know that eventually, sooner or later, all of our patients are going to pass away.  We do everything we can to help them be comfortable and symptom free so their passing is peaceful.  It is also part of our program to educate their caregivers and families about the patient’s journey, and help them understand how it can be made more peaceful; what they can do to contribute to a peaceful passing.

The stories I hope to relate may be sad, some may be uplifting, some may be informational…all reflect what it is like in the day of a hospice nurses life.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.


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